Friday, 10 December 2010




the girl and her shoes

beautiful shoes that will take you step into a beautiful place....

The "No" Shades

Oohh... I ♥ this pinky glasses

 can anyone buy it for me?? this very cheap, only $79.00 hahhaha...

Lanvin Cards Close To Your Chest

by Allan Barger

If you're after a little something to act as a stocking stuffer, or perhaps even to give to someone fashionable for 'Secret Santa', may I suggest the Christmas gift of Lanvin?. Perfect as a present for a friend who missed out on the offerings from Lanvin for H&M, though overly perfect for those who overindulged in it, this set playing of card may serve as the perfect, understated chic gift.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

sakit mata :'(


oh nooo!!! tiba tiba mataku bengkak waktu bangun tidur. what happened?? don't know -__-"

perih banget rasanya.. :'(
langsung deh gue bawa k dokter, 
and she said "ini ada bakteri gitu d matanya. gatal ya?? perih ya?? yang sering aja ya di kompres pake air hangat. nanti aku kasih salep" 

haduh, harus berapa hari gue menderita seperti ini???